Thursday, February 26, 2015

MTC Week 6

Konnich minasan!

Boy oh boy this week there's been a lot of new-ness! Our senpai and all the awesome friends I've made from the Japanese branches left early Monday morning for Japan! I wish them the best of luck as they begin the journey spreading the good word in Nihon! It's been pretty quiet around the zone with them gone but we got new kohai ("juniors" aka new missionaries in our zone) yesterday! Excited to get to know all of them!

Last night was crazy! We skyped a Japanese lady from Japan and had like a 50 minute lesson/chat with her. It was scary how fast they talked even when they tried to speak slow for us haha.. But she was great, she spoke english for us when we needed it and was very patient. Very cool experience, and she was so nice! If everyone or most everyone in Japan is as nice and happy as she was, I don't think I'll be coming home after these 2 years;)

It's snowing today in Provo, the first credible snow since early December! It's funny how happy it makes me to have some sort of weather different from the norm. For my friends in the east, sounds like you're having a great time with all this wonderful snow:) 

In other news, I am so pumped to be part of God's work! I have friends going literally all over the world- Adriatic North (countries east of Italy across the Adriatic sea), Tahiti, Germany, Angola, England, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, and the states- speaking 10 different languages... How sweet is that!? Happy for all of em.

Other than that, I've had a great week meeting new people, learning nihongo, learning how to teach and connect with others better and finding joy in life!

16 days to go til Japan. Cool. Please, have a splendid week!  Ai shite imasu yo!

Elder Robins

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