Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 5 in the Hive

"The hive" is a name for the MTC i just made up that rhymes with 5 to make my emails sound cooler. Hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day and long weekend! My momma sent me a cute valentines day tie I wore but that's about it in terms of celebrating. I did mess with all my teachers making sure they had a party to go to that night (all of my teachers are return missionaries that went to japan and now go to BYU- so they're college students) and challenging them to meet someone special.

Another great and quick week has gone by here in Utah! I apologize I may have made it sound like Japanese is coming rather easily to me, but that's not what I meant... haha I am still very much at a preschooler level of speaking, won't be fluent-ish for around another 9 months my goal! The next wave of Japanese missionaries leaves this Monday morning to mainly the southern missions of japan. I'm sad to let them go, they've all become great friends of mine and they're fun to hang out with but it's all good I'll probably see most of them back at BYU when I return. 

Today I got to see my cousin Cody here on the MTC campus! He served in the Phillippines and got home right before I left. He's applying to be a teacher here for the language of Tagalog so hopefully I'll be able to see him more often for the next few weeks before I head out. It was sweet to see him!

Here are some great gems of advice for yall from the year 1700
"It's not who you aren't, it's who you are and being you is being great!" 

Love you all tons! I love my job for the next two years being able to focus completely on the Lord and what He would have me do. I'm learning and growing every day loving life.

Have a fortuitous week!

Elder Robins

PS ~ Happy 45th birthday ;) to my brother in law Wil! Love you lots :)! ~

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