Thursday, February 12, 2015

MTC Week 4 Recap

Hello minasan!

Quick little clarification-
Mission Area (ie Sendai)
Branches (geographical sections of the Sendai Mission)
Zones (sections of the branch. These contain a few districts)
Districts (multiple pairs of missionaries within certain zones that work closely with one another)
Companionship (a pair of two missionaries, these two missionaries work together for the span of a 'transfer' or about a month and a half until they are reassigned to a new area of the mission with a new Elder or Sister)
This week has been the fastest week so far which is good in some ways and scary in others. It's good because from here on out time will continue to fly and I'll be in Japan before I know it! Scary because that means I only have 4 more weeks to learn all the Japanese i can before I am officially in the field preaching in nihongo (Japanese). My nihongo study has been truly miraculous this week. My doryo (companion) said last night that I've grown so much in the past few days that he can't keep up with me, and he's really really smart. SO that was a very special compliment that made me feel great about myself. 

Been having a lot of fun with everyone this week. It isn't always easy to live with and love 5 other very different elders but it is good to make each other better, help one another and have fun with it in the process. I'm loving my small little district and our two amazing teachers. Like it's sweet how well they teach... they connect everything back with to us and to our future investigators and teach us how to better peel people's "onions"  which is a handy dandy tool to have in life. Teaching well like they do is something I definitely look forward to and work on every day so I can better connect with the people I teach.

Other than that nothing too worth mentioning has happened here in Provo. These emails will start to light up a lot more once I get out to Japan but for now I'm just learning and growing spiritually and mentally. I wish I was growing physically too...come back to be a nice 6'2", that would definitely be cool.

But ya anyways, just want to let you know a lady who cut my hair today has a daughter that lives in Danville and she's going there in 2 weeks to visit. The down side is she chopped off my sideburns today without hesitation. They were a beautiful length too, so im kinda upset about it and will

ave to pray to try and forgive her ;) Other than that another solid week here in the MTC. Thanks again for the love, the letters, and the packages. Much much much appreciation. 

Everyone have a great Valentines/ Presidents Day full of precocious joy and wonderment! 
Love you all,

Elder Dallin Robins
Elder Dallin Slavens and I (he's from Danville, going to Cambodia)  showing our love for peace. 

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