Thursday, February 5, 2015

MTC Week 3

こんいちわ Starshine!

Man what a great week. Been here for 22 days now! Crazy. This past
monday all of our what we call dai senpai (missionaries that are two
older than our generation) left for various parts of japan! It was an
awesome awesome group. Fun fact: one of those missionaries, sister
martins, I just found out knows 6 languages! French, Italian,
Portugese, English, Japanese, and spanish. Incredible! Anyway as much
as it was sad to say goodbye, the highlight of them leaving was
getting the legendary basketball shooting sleeve passed down to me. I
was honored. And when the time comes I will sign my name and pass it
down to the next baller japanese-bound missionary. So ya this week has
been a little quiet cause theres not that many people left in our zone
and only 5 people in our class but luckily there was 47 japan bound
missionaries that came in yesterday, so it will be fun to get to know

Follow up news about Sister Ailupo- she got removed from our district-
she is no longer going to Japan or learning Japanese. She is now going
back to Australia to serve in the Sydney mission. It's really too bad
but she was a truly amazing example to me and to everyone around her.
So selfless, so genuine and caring, and such an amazing spirit. During
her trials that were so hard I can't imagine, instead of turning
inward like the natural man would do and pity herself to sleep each
night, she turned outward, focused and cared for other people's needs
and did things for others. Like I said, she is an amazing example and
inspired me to turn outward and stop be
service oriented.

The language is coming! Elder Barr and I have been working really hard
together to pound out the grammar books & so far it's been paying off!
Japanese is awesome and I'm having tons of fun here at the MTC.
Something I find dumb but really fun to do to keep me entertained is
to look at far off objects when you are talking directly to other
missionaries in conversation- really catches em off guard. If you're
weird like me you might find it enjoyable. I've had an awesome week
and I appreciate all the love, the prayers and the

Everyone have a sugoi week, あいしていますみなさん!

Elder Dallin Robins

I will send pictures next week!

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