Thursday, January 29, 2015

MTC Week 2

Hi everyone!!

Hope everyone's week was amazing and full of joy and wonderment. This week was a roller coaster- lots of ups and lots of downs. There's a sister in my district named Sister Ailupo. She is an amazing, bright and dedicated missionary. Nobody knows anyone that wants to serve a mission more than her and she's just the awesomest person, and like you have all heard before, sometimes bad things happen to good people. The first few days, Sister Ailupo was vomiting for no apparent reason so her and her companion went to the health clinic to get checked out. They ended up taking a blood test and finding that her blood was not at all normal. She took some medication for a few days but had to go to an actual hospital to get testing done, testing of her bone marrow- yep, the big thick needle getting stuck in her hip bone. Awful enough right? Nope. After a week and a half of tumultuous waiting for results, she receives the results. And they were not good. They found she has a type of blood cancer, not life threatening, but as of Tuesday, her future as a missionary in Japan is doubtful. The hardest part is, she doesn't know what is going to happen to her. Whether she will be able to go to Japan or if she'll be able to serve here in the states or if she'll have to go back home to Australia. It's been tough and she's had a very tough time dealing with it emotionally, as expected, but we know God has her best interest at hand and whatever happens to her will be for the best. 

The rest of my week has been good! Elder Barr and I have been battling the flu these past few days in addition to the craziness going on with the sisters in our district, our teacher kind of sat the four of us elders down last night to assess the situation. He recommended Elder Barr and I go back to the apartment to get a jump start on sleep so we can recover faster while he works with the other two elders on their Japanese. That was way sweet! First time I've had 8+ hours of sleep since the 13th! I've been learning a lot everyday and am starting to get the hang of the language a little bit which to be honest is what I needed. It's a challenge to not compare yourself to others, especially if your companion is a genius at Japanese and everything else haha he whips out the randomest facts...  always entertaining. Still a pretty strange kid and yes we're still polar opposites but we work pretty well together. He wants to be an astronaut which is awesome! Alright sorry for that tangent. This Monday, all my Senpai (a term for older missionaries that have been at the MTC longer than you have) leave for their respective missions in Japan! Im so pumped for them but probably not as much as they are to finally be able to actually get to Japan. Their Japanese is so good! I hope by the time I leave I'll be half as good as they are! In a couple of weeks, I'll be a senpai to the new missionaries that get here.

Alright well sorry for the sad story! I have plenty of funny stories to tell but it's kind of a you had to be there type of thing;) Oh! The two new Japanese districts got iPads this week! We are a pilot group for the Japan districts and they want to see if they're effective enough in our learning to get everyone an iPad. We get to use quizlet and google translate and stuff and it is SO much more efficient than writing down vocab in a notebook! Super exciting. All the older missionaries are jealous that they didn't get one. All I know is the processed food is only getting better and those nihonji are still laughing full blast at anything we say, and I'm still running the court every morning. I'm having a fun time getting to know all the Japanese missionaries better. Everyone has such unique personalities, its fun to kind of use my personality to pry them open and seed a new relationship<3 8<] 

Hope you all are doing fabulous and enjoying yourselves this January. Remember you all can send me care packages with candy, ties, fun socks, and heartfelt notes. Or maybe if someone that goes to BYU could manage to drop off some chick fil a one of these days that would be amazing. Haha alright the sending address is:

Elder Dallin Sune Robins
2007 N 900 E Unit  12
Provo UT 84602

Love you all, have a great week and remember God loves you and is there for you!

Elder Dallin Robins

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