Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 7 Review 8^)

Hello friends and fam!!

Another amazing week its been here in Provo- beautiful snow, we built a quite disgusting but beautiful and charismatic snowman, we are now 10 sunrises away (yes, we're counting by sunrises) from heading to Japan, and I got a nice fat hematoma on my left thigh! sooo much of fun being on crutches (sarcasm:))

This lead to my companion and I being granted to go on a field trip to a medical center yesterday! It was a blast, just me, my companion and our wonderful Mexican driver cruising through Provo enjoying the scenery of the outside world. It's funny how weird it was to be in a car and outside campus in the real world for the first time in 2 months. Such an exciting time in my life and we really made the most of the experience. The good news is i get to do it 4 more times before I head out to do physical therapy. Woohoo! 

In other news, our lessons to our investigators have been getting better and better and our teaching skills as a companionship have really improved. It's a tad more exciting than it sounds, getting better at teaching is what I need for the next two years!

The most exciting part of the MTC experience comes tomorrow when we get our FLIGHT PLANS. Flight plans are exactly what they sound like so I don't feel I need to explain but it's honestly so exciting to have made it to the final week here at the MTC. We will be leaving along with 3 other districts, 2 of which got here this past Tuesday. They're Japanese and already know how to speak the language so they only spend two weeks in the MTC and head out with us. Crazy how fast this time has gone and how much I've been able to learn and grow. Got a lot of packing and organizing to do in the upcoming week! :)

Other than that, another fun (except for being hurt:( ) and exciting week here with my Elders and Sisters, Choro and Shimai, Teachers and friends. 

Love and miss all yall!
Have a splendid week full of joy and wonderment!

Elder Robins

My favorite Japanese people ever. Hecka funny people
Sorry, it only lets me send one pic at a time, more next week!

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