Sunday, March 29, 2015

Akita Week 2 Transfer 1


What a fabulous week! Not a whole lot of time to write but 2 people to tell you about and a few other things.

1. Another week of not knowing much (which is an improvement over 'anything') of what anyone is saying but I still do the best I can with what I know. We did some flyer handouts at a train station for this free english class we teach every week and I got laughed at by a group of mean japanese teens for what I assume was my foreignness and bad japanese. Oh well:) its good to laugh at myself.

2. Had my first bowl of real ramen this week! It was sooo much food and greasy meat but it was delish.

3. Kenjiro- this hilarious investigator we have that refuses to speak japanese with us and only uses his slow, but pretty decent english. he loves loves loves the bible, the band U2, maroon 5, and katy perry. He can almost never focus so this week I kinda layed down the law with him on focusing and that was fun. He keeps us entertained.

4. Jerry- korean guy that called us on friday that wants to meet with us every week. He's golden! Love teaching him english and the gospel. he soaks it up. More to come next week.

But it has been a fun and awesome week here in Akita! The moment I feel most like a missionary is when we're on our bikes, suits on, shoulder bags swaying around, its raining outside, and we have our dorky little helmets on. So awesome I love it.

Everyone, please have a great week. This Friday night should be a good one!

Elder Robins

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