Thursday, March 12, 2015

8- Almost There!


We got our flight plans last Friday! and found out that one district is leaving on Monday the 16th while our district along with a few other northern-Japan-bound missionaries are leaving on the following Thursday the 19th. It was definitely a bit of a buzz kill at first since we were so hyped to finally be able to head out but once I saw that we were leaving on the 19th I realized that God was looking out for me! The reason being, the hematoma I got a week and a half ago has still been a major obstacle this past week. Going to physical therapy almost every other day and have been working on reactivating my quad muscles so that my leg can start to function normally again. Currently can not lift it off the ground with a straight leg, very strange feeling. Anyway, I believe God knew beforehand I would need those extra 3 days of PT to better prepare for traveling and being self dependent. Luckily the other Elders have been very kind in helping me do things I can't do normally and I am so grateful for all of them... its not fun being a burden:/ The lesson I've learned from this is you never know what you got til its gone; in this case, a healthy body:)

All is good though! Been making a lot of progress and I'm now off the crutches so that's good. Cool story that will make all other missionaries a tad jealous- you are not allowed to swim as a missionary, ever. Pretty basic rule. But guess who got to swim as a missionary? Me:) (for therapeutic purposes of course) My branch president who's literally the man is also my physical therapist. Yesterday, he brought me a swimsuit and had me do some exercises in the pool while Elder Morris had to stand on the side of the pool in his suit and tie and just watch me swim with seraphic, relaxing motions. While he was suffering, I was in heaven. It was pretty sick.

Thank y'all for everything, seriously I appreciate it so much. All of your kind notes and letters have been so encouraging for me while here at the MTC. These past 9 weeks have been awesome and I've never felt any happier about this gospel and the message I will be spreading in Japan. Love and miss you all, have an awesome week! See you on the flip side in Japan!

Elder Dallin Robins

PS: For anyone that was planning on sending any last packages or physical mail (bless your hearts first of all) , you will want to send it out by today or early tomorrow. I head out very early Thursday morning so any mail that arrives after Wednesday I will not receive. Cool thanks!

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