Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kamisugi Transfer 8 Week 2

Hey Yall!

Had Elder Yamashita of the 70 come and do a meeting with the mission on Thursday. Learned so so much- about the importance of believing in yourself, opening your mouth at every opportunity and making eternal friendships. Truly, a passionate and inspired servant of the Lord. Always cool to get direct counsel form power houses like him and his wife. Plus he was pretty much fluent in english, (see General Conference October 2011).

We had snow today and a lot of other good cultural events this week, so Ill send some pics!


Elder Robins

at the top of the stores is this massive bonfire where thousands and thousands throw a bag of trash in and make it symbolic of the new year.

the all night event of the donton festival- special to Sendai. This is a long stairway up to a shrine

Mochi Festival for New Years- me putting the hammer down on some rice!

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