Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kamisugi Transfer 7 Week 6

Greetings 2016 年始
Too much food this week. Also including a cultural Japanese New Years meal- kuitsumi. Pictures attached.

Lots of unique and fun things we did this week. New Year's Eve was another unhealthy day where we stayed in the apartment and did a deep clean for 9 hours. For new year morning, went to one of the top 3 rated most beautiful places in all of Japan for the sunrise- it was cold and everything, then as the sun began to peek out a huge cloud covered the scene and it started pouring snow... We thought the sunrise was ruined so we started walking else where. Luckily I forgot my bag back at the place we originally were waiting and by that time, 20 minutes later, the sun snow cloud was gone and the sunrise was in full bloom- most beautiful scene ever. Ate and ate some more for the rest of the week. Visited and participated in some Japanese Shinto culture. See pictures below.

Transfers: my whole district is staying the exact same! Very surprising and very rare and not that exciting honestly.. but such a great opportunity to get some good work done! It's a way fun district so it should be a good nother 6 weeks here in the city! 

Dendou highlight of the week- did some follow up housing on this apartment that received a Book of Mormon back in November. We knocked and waited quite a bit, starting to doubt that they were home but then they opened the door, saw our face and had the biggest smile! They had tried reading the Book of Mormon and thought it was pretty tough to understand. His wife came to the door and asked for her own copy of the Book of Mormon then asked if we could get lunch together with them sometime and then asked if it's okay if she brings her friend who has interest as well!!.. It was an amazing shock! Learned again that God likes to surprise us. When we pray and fast and work earnestly for something we need and want, it most often comes in small, unexpected and spontaneous ways. I'm still trying to adjust to that type of system but I know as we really, truly from the heart trust in God and His will for us, we will see and get the result God knows we need. 

Crazy week full of wild events but here's some pics to sum stuff up.
Have a killer week and make sure to add a reminder on your phone to periodically remind you of your New Years resolutions/goals! Love you!
Elder Dallin Robins
Robinzu Chōrō

Matsushima- New Years Day Sunrise/Snowfest

Traditional but fancy new years meal

District Pday Bowling Alley (complete with fuzzy duds)

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