Sunday, August 2, 2015

Misawa Transfer 4 Week 2

Minasan konnichiwa,

Real busy week up here in Misawa! Lots of visiting recent converts, less actives, doing mogi's, or practice lessons, with members. 
We got a call during Japanese class on Tuesday night from a military member family who's been in Hawaii the past month and on their first night back they had someone they wanted us to meet! We got super super excited- getting referrals isn't very common, but she continued to explain the person she wanted us to meet. Among other things that makes a missionary drool when they hear it, she mentioned somewhere in there that this guy, whoever it was, wanted to be baptized! I tried to maintain my composure. We went home thinking we'd have a baptismal date set up in a week or two and we were pumped. We visited that family the next evening to meet him. Turns out, it's her daughter's boyfriend visiting for just a few weeks from Nebraska... We were hoping he lived here so we could teach him regularly,, but he had some good questions, he's been reading from the Book of Mormon, came to church yesterday and has been searching for a religion that's right for him which is super admirable for an 18 year old with a lot of other things going on. Anyway, had a great discussion and hopefully we at least helped him on his path to finding that right church for him. 

We had some good, growth-proving times and we had some harder times. We had a lesson where neither of us knew what was really going on cause our investigator's Japanese was insane and she wasn't making it easy for us. She's been "investigating" for too long now and doesn't seem to be putting forth effort to really progress so we think we'll continue to visit and share messages but maybe drop her for now. But overall, lessons haven't been too much of a struggle for us young missionaries- which really goes to show God loves us!

A lot of other cool little miracles along the path this week. It's always from the little things here and there that we find our faith growing and that we see God's hand really taking control in this work and in our lives. 

Gotta go and no fun stories or pictures this week, sorry! Love you all so much!

Elder Dallin Robins
Robinzu Chōrō