Sunday, August 30, 2015

Misawa Transfer 4 Week 6

Hey friends and fam,

Transfer calls came in hot Friday night, a day earlier than usual. The results are here. *Drum Roll Please*! Elder Erickson and I will be saying goodbye to our companionship, but not goodbye to each other as he was called to white wash Hachinohe, an area just a 30 minute train ride south of Misawa. Hachinohe and Misawa are in the same district so we'll still see each other about every week. I found out I'll be training a new missionary by the name of Elder Bruce. An American (I think) Fresh out of the MTC! Scared out of my mind to take the reigns here in Misawa managing the two wards with a new missionary that might not know much Japanese at all, but I know the Lord trusts me with this, and that's all the confidence I need. 

Had a really awesome week! Splits with a missionary from Hachinohe on Wednesday by the name of Elder Tachibana. He came up here and Elder Erickson worked down in Hachinohe. We had a great day of hectic bike riding to and from appointments but got one of the best meals ever that night from the Parkinsons and the bishops family- the Nelsons. The dish was garlic chicken sauce and pasta, bread sticks galore, cucumber-crumbled fettuccine cheese-basil and tomato toothpick things, and for dessert- the small little bread cups with yogurt and raspberries/ blueberries on the inside. And the fun fact is- the parents weren't the ones who made it! Their oldest daughters, probably 13 and 12 years old, made it all and served it to us as we sat. It was so dang good. We had another amazing meal the other night and the night before that.. my belly is blessed! And we have ward members that buy us American cereal from on base. Its amazing. So glad I'll be here for another 6-12 weeks. Make sure to get on my case if I start looking chubbier- so far the scale hasn't indicated so but still keeping a watchful eye.

On Saturday we had an awesome awesome experience. The same family that fed us that amazing meal had one of their daughters baptisms not at the local chapel, but at the ocean beach! Here's the funny part- the night we went over for dinner when we were on splits is the night they decided to inform us that the previous missionaries had promised them, the family, that they would sing at their daughters baptism... I thought they were joking at first but as I played along with the "joke" I soon realized it wasn't a "joke" as their big smiles started to droop a little bit and they were both looking at me waiting for me to say something... I couldn't decline the desperate request with the bishop there also! SO, ends up, we- some of the two least musically talented people in the mission- got up there on Saturday at the beach and sang I Am a Child of God for them in Japanese, in front of the crowd. Luckily, it was really windy and the waves were nice and loud so everyone couldn't hear just how ungifted we are but we survived. We were also chosen to be the witnesses for her baptism and to join the circle the following Sunday to bless her with the Holy Ghost. It was a fun, fun time. Pictures attached.

Other than that, nothing too crazy other than the fact that we have 34 missionaries coming in the next 2 transfers with only 10 or so leaving. I'll be going down to Sendai tomorrow through Thursday to meet Elder Bruce and stay there for his orientation and whatnot. And then next weekend the base is having a fireworks show we will be attending. Looking forward to it!

God is aware of you and He loves you. We all go through heartache and suffering- it's part of life and part of what our Heavenly Father wants us to experience. Some go through things much more intense or severe than others, but whoever it is and whatever it is, you'll get through it as you rely on God. Those challenges and struggles will help us become better, more refined, wiser individuals with skills and attributes that will bless our lives and families in the future and in the eternities.This is something I will need to keep in mind as I begin this, what I'm sure will be a, very challenging and trying portion of my mission:)


a) elder Erickson at the beach pier. Would've sent a picture of me, but my camera died right after this picture 
b) tryna be artsy
c)at Brother Tomita's house- he loves his Japanese wrestling.

Elder Robins

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