Monday, July 27, 2015

Misawa Transfer 4 Week 1

Friends and Family:)
It was transfer week so things were a bit all over the place. Last Monday night was so awesome! The ward put together a last minute get together barbecue/dinner at the Base Beach. We showed up kind of early and there wasn't really anyone there and so we were speculative if there was going to be many people there but by the end there was over 75% of the ward there with their families all together chatting, eating and having a good time. It was awesome getting to watch the strength and love of these younger families and to see them all together socializing, the kids playing with each other in the sand, waves of parents and kids going out on the boat and jet skiis (that part was actually way tough to watch actually, not being allowed to go out on the water! definitely made me miss it). Another cool part about it was that our recent convert that we're working with- a young, single, awesome super cool dude- since he works for the beach activities department, he was kinda of in charge of the whole thing. So it was awesome getting him involved and talking with the members of the ward. Overall, a heartwarming and super fun activity- makes me miss my family and home ward! 

Wednesday and Thursday- said goodbyes to Elder Suzuki and Okamoto as they headed to Akita and Yokote. Elder Erickson had to receive some leadership training in Sendai, so we had to head down south for weds and thurs. Down there, I had the amazing opportunity to spend one last night with not one but both of my trainers! Elder Hoskyns and Elder Anderson! They were both there for their last nights in Japan as they prepared to return home. It was great to get to talk with both of them one last time - but also very very sad to say goodbye... I'm going to miss them- they were amazing people and fantastic servants of the Lord. 

Elder Erickson and I got back to Misawa Thursday night and got right to work. we will have pretty packed schedules from here on out. Lots of work on our plates now that we're down to 2 elders, but it'll be an awesome growing period for us both! The Japanese is coming along and I feel like I improve each week but it is no easy language:) 

Misawa had a festival this weekend that was pretty cool! A lot smaller than the Akita one, obviously, but still super well decorated and a lot of fun for the 10 minutes we were there. It was cool to see a lot of the people come out wearing their kimonos and all Japanese'd dressed- even some of the americans!

Oh and the weather... It's a sweat shop over here. The humidity mixed with 85 degree heat- you can't run from the sweat. You go to the bathroom and come out dripping in perspiration. After a shower- sweat. Walk outside completely refreshed and a minute later- sweat. AC is a luxury here- so really the only escape from it for us is at the church. But ya, lots of sweat! Definitely something I'm not used to being from a hotter, but a lot dryer of a climate. 

Hope y'all are doing well and soaking up your summer. August is this weekend which means your summer days are coming to an end :( so, enjoy!


Elder Dallin Robins
Robinzu Chōrō

Beach Party #raw

beach party sunset! 綺麗ですね!

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