Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Akita Transfer 1 Week 6

Konnichiwa minasan!

Exciting week we got here- transfer calls! I'll cut to the chase- I'm staying in Akita but for Elder Hoskyns, he's outta here heading to Hachinohe to finish up his mission. Hachinohe is a northeast city in Japan and a place where they use a lot of sign language! So  he'll be learning a bit of Japanese sign language which is sweet.  He's been in Akita for the last 4 transfers (6 months) and he now has to say good bye right as things were really getting good here. But a thing about Elder Hoskyns- he has been an incredible blessing for my mission. He's the guy known throughout the mission as the nicest, most friendly and loving elder so I feel very blessed to have had him as one of my trainers. We got along perfectly, had a lot of fun and saw tons of miracles. Gonna miss him. My new trainer is elder Michael Andersen. From Elder Hoskyns, I've heard he is AWESOME. A big basketball guy, super nice, super friendly and easy going, and a really good companion. So as sad as I am to see Elder Hoskyns go, I am pumped to work with Elder Andersen starting this Wednesday! 

This week elder Hoskyns and I went on splits with the Zone Leaders! I was with Elder Reynolds, a Utahn. We had a blast! and had another "sports taikai" where we go to the public gym and play badminton, basketball and ping pong. It was super fun. Reynold's uncle is the CEO of the 76ers in Philidelphia  which brings me to my next announcement- My older brother Jake is getting home from his 2 year mission in Philidelphia this week! So exciting. His homecoming talk along with Ryan Nearon and Kira Stone's farewells are on May 10 - should be a pretty sweet Mother's Day sacrament meeting! Proud of them and their choices to serve the Lord.

In other news, we got our iPads on Wednesday- the last group in the whole mission to get them but hey- the first shall be last and the last shall be first - Matt. 20:16. The mission work here in Akita is really heating up! Our district of 6 has a possibility of 5 baptismal dates within the next month or so, which almost itself exceeds the goal of our whole zone! So really, things are great right now and the three missionaries transferring out of Akita are pretty bummed they're leaving at such a prime time. #CropHarvester 

Elder Hoskyns and I had a dinner last night with our favorite investigator Jerry! He took us out to a sushi place where I tried I think 12 different types of fish/sushi. Some of it was scary looking but none of them My favorite was the torched eel! おいしい ね!Jerry is so awesome. On the car ride home he was just expressing all the love in the world to us, especially to Hoskyns since he's leaving and won't be coming back. This next week is "Golden Week" which is I guess Japan's country wide equivalent of a spring break during which Jerry will be going home to Korea to see his wife, kids and the rest of his family. We mentioned whether he would want to talk to them about church and he's like "I definitely want to tell my family about church and will try to find a church building to go to in Korea.." Like wow. That kinda explains how perfect he is. We don't even have to bother him to do all of these great things. They come naturally to him. He's the best. Our other investigators are also great but not as perfect as Jerry :)

Good stuff. Love hearing from yall and now that I have an iPad, I'm able
 to check my email every day! (but still only allowed to respond once a week)  but feel free to shoot me an email if you have extra time! Love yall tons. Enjoy the presence of Jake Robins back in Danville!

Elder Dallin Robins
Robinzu Chōrō

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