Sunday, April 19, 2015

Akita Transfer 1 Week 5

Konbanwa everyone! 

One of those weeks that seemed to come and go! 

This week had some fun adventures for sureee. Tuesday, I was on splits with Elder Erickson, who has only been in Japan for two more months than me... therefore, neither of us can really speak Japanese. That is also the day we had our first lesson with Ritsuko (the woman we found housing last friday) so I was super nervous. Since none of us could speak well I was actually pretty scared for the lesson. I was afraid we'd blow it and that she wouldnt be interested anymore.. That wouldve been unfortunate. Luckily, we got a member to join! Which means we had someone fluent to help! He was a great help of course in clarifying things we were trying to say and helping to smooth it out a little bit (who am I kidding, he completely carried it! All we did was steer the conversation) and now shes an investigator for the sister missionaries! Erickson chourou and I had two other lessons that day that went really well actually! We were able to stay pretty busy- definitely a fun learning experience for both of us.

Took another trip to Morioka on Thursday for a rather vague training session on health. The MHS (Mission Home Squad) came from Sendai - nothing too interesting happened except for the fact that the group that came in with me in March finally got our training that we were supposed to get the first day we got here! That was a really good experience and learned a lot what our mission president (President Smith) is like and what he's about. We had to watch the Japan government's video on bicycle safety since we ride our bikes everywhere and it was hilarious- a nice teenage girl is riding her bike with her friend and out of the blue gets nailed by a car and goes flying. It was just so random and unexpected even the mission president couldnt help but laugh.

Last week at our english class, Elder Mailes apparently told all of the Japanese students that I liked umeboshi- pickled plum. Japanese love their umeboshi and its pretty rare that they hear a foreigner likes it... So at the end of class, five people came up to me and gave me jars and packages of this plum thing.. I acted grateful of course but was very confused why theyre giving me all these gross looking ball things. The worst part was they wanted me to try it right there and then! Luckily I had an excuse that I had a lesson to get to! All those plum things are still sitting on our counter at the apartment unopened and no ones planning on opening them...

I unfortunately dont have more time to write this week and unfortunately didnt write any of the spiritual experiences I had this week but I have seen God's hand in my life this week. Whether it was being able to find someones house in a foreign area or hearing something that I needed to hear or just being able to connect with investigators without speaking the language well, His hand is there, its always there, you just have to be looking for it and ask for His help.

Love always,

Elder Dallin Robins

Here's a picture of the beautiful pond/lake in front of the Morioka church building on Thursday.

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