Sunday, March 6, 2016

Aomori Transfer 9 Week 3

This Monday we had a lesson with Fujita san at a mall food court type place. We did 30 minute English lesson and 30 minutes of gospel. Midway through the gospel lesson, we noticed a ruffling and bustling at the table beside us. We were thinking, with all the open seats to sit in this place why is this person choosing to sit right by us... I then glance over to see who it was, then had a double take and noticed it was one of the members we have been working with! He's a bit of a stranger, older guy that keeps us on our feet with what he comes up with which made it funny that he was the one to sit coincidentally by us. Anyway, we made eye contact and I nudged elder Kugai to inform him of our visitor. He was just as surprised as I was! We asked if he wanted to join in on the lesson but he refused and placed an invisible wall with his hands between our two tables. 5 minutes later, he joined in on the lesson teaching all over the place about this and that, drawing diagrams and explaining things in his own wisdom, kind of destroying the lesson but it still turned out to be good in the end, thanks to our investigators patience:). Pretty funny part of the week. We call it the miraculous un-needed joint lesson.

Tuesday morning- bus to Sendai. Tuesday afternoon- dendou in Sendai. Tuesday night- business and training at the mission home. Wednesday morning- discussion and training from Pres Smith. Wednesday afternoon-evening- bus home to Aomori. We  reviewed the Zone Conference training from Elder Choi, things we learned and things we want to commit ourselves. The new theme of the mission is baptism, baptism, baptism. Think baptism. Speak baptism. Act baptism. And make it the character and destiny of the mission. 

We went to Misawa last night to interview Nakabayashi San for baptism! The man I was blessed to start teaching there. He needs just a little bit more work with quitting coffee completely and wants to study a little bit more but he wants to be baptized so bad! He's still riding his little scooter bike in the freezing cold 3 hours from the north horn of Japan down to Misawa in order to have lessons and go to church- from him we can all learn there is absolutely no excuse to not go to church! Haha, he's a stud. He'll be baptized in the next few weeks after another interview. I got to see the members of the Japanese branch of Misawa for the first time in 5 months which was so great! They're all genki and it was good to see them again. And since it was fast Sunday and knowing every fast Sunday in Misawa means that the Larsen's prepare dinner for the missionaries. So we arranged our schedule to be able to go to dinner with the Misawa missionaries and feast! It was pretty much thanksgiving! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, zucchini, rolls and for dessert, cinnamon rolls. I have forgotten how spoiled I was to be fed like that in Misawa. 

Weather report: Spring is here! All of the snow on the streets and sidewalks has melted (although there's still massive barriers of snow in between the streets and sidewalks.) Temperature is way good and I can now go outside without long-johns, scarfs and beanies. Boots are probably going to be sent home soon. It's a happy time in Aomori. We can also probably start to ride bikes again this week!

What I learned this week comes from a quote from Elder Ballard. Basically, he talks about how we are the creators of success. No circumstance, area, people can take away what we desire to do and accomplish. We simply have to have an attitude, a mindset that we will succeed and see results. Thoughts lead to words, words to actions, actions to habits, habits to character, character to destiny. So, our thoughts are huge and in order to change the end result of destiny meaning a successful mission, we must think success and think baptisms. This can apply to us all! Whatever we want to do we can do. You've literally just got to put your mind to it.

Have a thriller week!

Elder Robins

Me and Elder Daniels with a news reporter at a famous raw fish place in Aomori. (Notice the Book of Mormon in hand;) )

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