Monday, May 25, 2015

Akita Transfer 2 Week 4


Hope you all are enjoying/ enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend! This week was pretty fun!

We had basketball on Thursday night which was crazy! Tons of people were there wanting to play with us gaijin (foreigners)! The zone leaders who both play basketball arrived from Morioka just in time to be able to play! Elder Anderson also plays so it turned out to be a great time playing some fun, easy going but competitive basketball. There's this 12 year old girl that's always there when we go and let me tell ya, she is talented. She might be 4'8" at best but that doesn't stop her one bit. She'll drive inside and put it up over the top of us tall white guys, even with our arms stretched out and it will swish every time. Or she can shoot from outside and nail it.. Can't leave her unguarded, she's incredible. The only way to stop her is to block her shots which is too mean haha.  

Anyway, went on "splits" to Morioka with Elder Reynolds, one of my zone leaders while Elder Anderson and the other Zone leader stayed here in Akita. After the 4 hour train ride, we got to Morioka and had one of the most if not the most fun day of my mission. Elder Reynolds is probably the most affable missionary I know, so he talks to everyone and sees a lot of success from it. We picked up 2 new potential investigators, both super cool super nice. The highlight of the day tho was probably the first celebrity experience I've had here in Japan! We were riding along and this group of girls all stopped, waved, said hi and looked all star stricken so we figured we'd go ahead and make their day for them, turned around and started talking to them. They were so stinkin excited. They loved One Direction, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, all that pop culture stuff. They told me I look like Nile from 1D, thanks. We invited them all to come to our english class, and by the end, they had all added us on facebook, followed us on twitter, they were facetiming their friends as we chatted, they took pictures of us, with us... it was insane. Pretty funny stuff.. Elder Reynolds and I had a lot of good missionary fun that day. 

Food of the week: Reimen and Sukiyaki. Reimen is a cold bowl of noodles in a kimchi broth with boiled egg, watermelon and a piece of beef in it. It was actually really really good. sukiyaki is where you have a bunch of raw meat and vegetable and you throw them in a pan of boiling broth, let it cook, then take out pieces of meat bit by bit, dip it in raw egg and eat it. Also delish. 

This week I learned about the importance of doing things out of a willing and loving heart. To smile and talk with people, to love one another and lift each other's burdens. This will often take some sacrifice on our part, but I've witnessed this week that those sacrifices are worth it. Putting other people's needs first will, ironically, take care of your current needs in one form or another. That's the challenge of the week! Look for ways to help one another out and do it out of the good love in your heart.

Love always,

Elder Dallin Robins
Robinzu Chōrō

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