Monday, May 9, 2016

Aomori Transfer 10 Week 6

Highlights of the last week of the transfer:
Tuesday was splits with elder uehara down in a place called Nagamachi, where the mission home is. Worked with elder uehara, a stud missionary that gives it his all to do the work and to do it right! Learned a lot from him and we put in a solid day of dirty, hard work. Felt good.
Wednesday morning was, like almost all days we have a train or bus to catch, a hustle and very last minute. And it always seems to be pouring rain when we have to run to catch trains and buses, as it was this time. After a nice long run from the subway to the bus station, I was wet. Wet not only with sweat but with water too. Anyways, caught my bus back to Aomori and had a couple hours left in the day to dendou!
Thursday was splits with the district leader and my homie, elder diderickson! He and I have grown pretty close these last 12 weeks and its been a lot of fun spending time with him and getting to talk with him a lot. He`s also a big basketball guy, loves the nba and all that so ya its been fun. We had a day full of just good solid mission work. Made a lot of good contacts and had fun doing it.

Sunday was a great day. Sotoyama san came to church. Did a lesson with him before hand explaining what goes on during church and all that and then another lesson after church. He`s great. Still trying to get him to feel something instead of simply thinking about it and keeping it in his head. Very much so an investigtor of the church, testing out the word. It was a great meeting with tons of spirit. Although it seems Holidays on Sundays here in Japan are just as normal as any other Sunday,  such as Mothers Day and Easter, it was still a great day. Also got to meet my companions family while he skyped them last night for Mothers day! His grandparents are actually Buddhist and have had no past history hearing about the church. So what elder Okamoto did last night was bold and powerful- he committed them, as missionaries do, to contact their local missionaries and set up a time to hear about what they do for their work. Starting small but planting and preparing the way for them to perhaps eventually hear and accept the gospel.

Transfer calls were a time bomb last night but they came! I am staying in Aomori for my 3rd transfer, with my homie elder okamoto! We`re excited for this opportunity to stay together and put some finishing touches on some of the work we`ve done here. Things are starting to get good here in Aomori, we`re expecting some big results coming up here in the next couple weeks and months.

This morning I got to talk with my family! Always a huge highlight of the year as a missionary. My mommy and I cried an appropraite amount together, about 10 seconds, just feeling the long distance love of mother and son. Love my momma Laurie. Shes a saint, a kind and selfless woman full of love for those around her and for the Lord. Such a huge influence on me and my life as shes taught me countless life lessons I can write a book on. Just wanted to give her as well as the other women in my life, Grandma Hagen and Grandma Robins, my older sister Jessi, my aunts and all others who have been mother like figures to me in my life. Love you all and the person you have helped me to become! Never change!

Thats about it for this week. Really quite a solid week with plenty to talk about but for times sake, Im wrapping it up. I love the Lord. I trust in His plan. He has a plan for all of us to return to Him, we have to choose to do so!


Elder Robins

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