Sunday, April 17, 2016

Aomori Transfer 10 week 3

Fam, friends, others tuning in,

I had a busy, successful and enriching week full of events! It was great. Here's more! (Sorry, it's longer than usual.. But has good stuff!)

Saturday we had Zone conference: the theme being We Are the Message and the light. Some impressions I had during the conference that I think can also apply to everyday people as well but I will write it as it applies to me. 
-who I am and what I do, what I say or what I don't do or say as a missionary matters more than I can imagine. Everything I do, my body language and everything- people are watching and it has the ability to convert. The light I possess and we possess as missionaries has the power by itself to soften people's hearts and eventually change their lives! Our mission president gave examples of this and it's reality, one of them being a true story about a blind woman with two amputated legs asking her daughter, "what are those two lights in front of our house?" The daughter opens the front door and says, "oh just two young men in white shirts and ties." The mother responds, "go get them, they have what we need [the gospel]." The woman and her family eventually converted and found joy again in their lives. Basically, as we are worthy servants and representatives of Christ, the light we illuminate can be physically felt and visibly seen. We are the message of Christ's restored gospel.
-the rewards that come from patience, kindness, and humility towards others. Brother Seza. The most amazing man, Saint, example, and light of a human I have ever met, is a result of two kind, patient and meek missionaries in the past who when they first knocked on his door and presented the message, were rejected utterly by brother Seza. Brother Seza was a punk of a kid and there was no light in him (he showed us a picture.) and through those first two elders utmost patience, kindness and love for this punk kid, he ultimately, 40 years later has turned into a complete role model for me and a huge example to many others. He is now my mission presidents first counselor but he was my first missionary coordinator back in downtown Sendai. Huge hero to me. 

Why I Believe Fireside- a fireside president smith has been doing this year intended to having people share their stories and why they believe in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints along with music and simple power points, the meeting being only 1 hour long. A great event just full of love and good vibes, a great opportunity for non members and members alike. That was yesterday. I went to this same event back when I was in Sendai, and this time was much more relaxed and fun, it was great.

Yamada Youko San. An English student who this week has helped me feel the sheer joy that comes from people realizing they want the gospel in their lives. 
Through a series of events this week including me showing a church video as an English example for class and that same video being shared in the fireside which she attended, she told me "when you showed me that video for eikaiwa,  I didn't know what it was that made me so emotional." She said, "I realize now what it is. It's that this is what I want for me and my family. President Smiths family looks so happy and is so beautiful! That is what I need and want for my family. It's perfect." 
She is the coolest mom with two young kids, single and just an amazingly kind, service giving woman. So funny and cool. And she now sees, feels, and realizes that this is what the gospel can bring to her life and her family. Joy, peace, and love. Fills me with joy thinking about it!

Two splits. One with a new elder in our district from the same exact area my companion is from who's dad actually grew up here in Aomori but moved years ago down to Osaka. We found two new investigators for our companionship. One was an old investigator willing to talk and meet again named Satou San. but the other one was a miracle in our eyes. On our way to a practice lesson with a member, we were walking across the bridge over the train tracks (a very loud and noisy bridge, always windy too, so it's hard to have good convo there) but nonetheless, we ran into a kinjin. He was interested in Christianity, had received a bible from our friends the JW's and we told him we had a another book for him that we would love to share and explain. So, we walked him to the church and instead of doing that practice lesson, we just had the member join in on our lesson and had a good first lesson. Met again with him this week on Friday, again on splits but this time with a younger American missionary. This mans name is Sotoyama San. He didn't feel like coming to church nor to the fireside our mission president had, which was a bummer cause it would've been great for him to see and hear. But he's Great! He's young and asks good but difficult questions. Meeting him again on Wednesday.

 No contact with my man Fujita San this week, a bit worried about him and hope he comes back to English class. Fujita San is such a good man, love him with all my heart and can so clearly see the amazingly positive effect following Christ and joining this church would have on his life. It's tough when they don't desire for more. 

Two weeks later and I realize I can't get back to everyone who wished me happy birthday but I say from my heart thank you to each one of you for your love. I really do appreciate it lots.
Y'all have a good week. 
Here's some pics!


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