Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kamisugi Transfer 8 Week 6

Hey loved ones! 

No time this week but the news is I'm headed north to Aomori to be companions with elder Kugai, finally, a Japanese companion again! Aomori is the coldest place in the mission for the months of February and March so wish me luck! I'm looking forward to our apartment- has some fun people! And I'm looking forward to the change. Heading to the mission home tonight for some more training tomorrow and tomorrow evening I'm headed on my own to Aomori- a 4 and a half hour bus ride:)
The Kamisugi district that I so dearly love is having a HUGE change. There are 2 more elders joining in the apartment and they are joining as a district with another area to turn our 6 person district into 12 people! Nuts! And it's complete chaos making room in the apartment, kinda relieved I don't have to stay for it. 
No change with much else this week. Stayed busy and saw multiple miracles personally this week from choosing to listen and obey even the smallest urges or promptings from the Holy Ghost. Talked to a lot of people this week on the streets and it was overall a good last week here in the city. Going to miss the amazing dendou Fire and missionary support of this great Ward but I've been called to a different part of the Lord's vineyard and am looking forward to the next chapter of the mission! 
Love you all!

Our investigator Sam and his "girlfriend". They always buy us way expensive delicious food/ The Hosois. You can find her on FB for more missionary pics

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