Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kamisugi Transfer 6 Week 2

Good morning!

Hope you all are doing well and swell! 
Elder Murakami and I have been working away, doing our best to find those the Lord has prepared for us to teach! But so far, no cigar. Gotta keep working!

A couple things to share: This week was our zones zone conference! That is the one that happens every month and a half or so where our mission president comes and inspires us, teaches us, and helps us be better. This was my 3rd time around and it was amazing as the other two were. The theme was The Book of Mormon. Learned a ton! 

Chiasmus. A form of ancient Hebrew poetry that is used in the Book of Mormon several times. The question came up, why didn't the Lord want the Book of Mormon to start at the climax when Christ actually visited the Americas?? The answer, the Lord made the order of the events in the book the way it is for a reason. And the center of the Book of Mormon is King Limhi saying he would do anything to give away his sins to know God- Emphasizing some of the main and central points to the doctrine of our church- Forgiveness, repentance and change. President Smith then went on to go through the first chapter of the first book of the Book of Mormon and pointed out like 20 different principles of the church all outlined in those short verses. It was amazing to see. The fact that the chiasmus is in the Book of Mormon is just another testimony that Joseph Smith truly did translate this book through the power of God. No way an uneducated man could make up such a book full of amazing truths let alone know what a chiasmus was and coincidentally form the book and the chapters in chiasmus form... Cool stuff! 

And I'm blanking on everything else I learned but just a super awesome experience getting to learn and grow so much in just a few hours. Definitely left the meeting inspired to teach and preach the greatness of the Book of Mormon and how it really is for everyone. I wish I could just have you all watch this conference! Full of amazing insight. 

Still loving the area! Trying hard to make an impact on the ward and influence them to get psyched about mission work. My vision of doing that is to find, teach and baptize very soon here, but its the Lords timing. We just gotta prepare ourselves better! 

Japan is amazing. The people are way fun. They love foreigners. They love practicing their English with us, which is one of our main ways to get people to talk with us haha. Love the culture. Love what I'm doing.

Yall are awesome. Everyone send me a picture of them in their Halloween costume and I'll hold a little costume contest and give the winners a shout out! 
Have a good week yall!

Elder Robins
Here's a picture of Elder Larsen and I on splits just getting done playing playground basketball with future kindergarten teachers!

A, what we realized, was a professional surfer here at the beaches of Sendai! It felt awesome running my toes through the warm sand probably for the last time until next year. Fun day! This was also on splits with Elder Larsen.

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