Sunday, September 13, 2015

Misawa Transfer 5 Week 2

Greetings from the land of the rising sun and rainbows,

Tokyo and Sendai, Japan experienced a typhoon this past week. It looked at first like it would run it's way all the way up the coast to Misawa and that we would have to stay in all day on Saturday but instead it wheeled off the coast back to the Pacific. Saturday actually turned out to be the most beautiful day I've had here in Japan! Tokyo got it really bad and Sendai got hit pretty nice too. All we witnessed here in Misawa was a whole bunch of rain and clouds and some wind, nothing too bad at all. That, folks, is your weather report for the week.

This week was just full of our normal routine stuff. Lot's of appointments, dinners with families, zone training meeting, food and fun. Yesterday was the Annual Misawa Air Show in which the American base and the Japanese military put together a bunch of static displays with like 50 planes and helicopters and then do an air show with a bunch of cool, fast powerful planes for the whole population to see- they open up the base gate and let everybody in for the day. Usually Misawa's population is around 40 thousand and during this one day, it turns into around 150 thousand- pretty big event. We went with the Mahlums and with one of our Eikaiwa (english class) students. It was awesome to see our eikaiwa student, Japanese, react to the feeling of America as it was his first time on base. We first met up at the Mahlums house, went inside and he was freaking out from the Americanness he found himself in. He was like "I woke up this morning in my bed in Japan and now I'm in America!" way funny. The air show was a cool event and I enjoyed watching air planes fly by fast and make loud noises:) 

Our one solid-ish investigator, Kimura, is at a point where she claims all she needs is her own personal conviction about whether or not Christ is real. She claims to know all about Him, understand Him, know His life and everything He did, but just isn't at the point where she can feel that He is there and exists/that He is real. It's a difficult situation to handle because all we can really do is testify of His reality in our lives and other than that, giver her scriptures to read. All she needs is an open and willing to change heart. 

Decent week, hoping and working to see some miracles this upcoming week! Everyone, enjoy yourselves and love one another.  
I'll have to send pictures later! Forgot my SD card reader.  Love you all so much!!

Elder Dallin Robins
Robinzu Chōrō


  1. Please please please update post...I love reading how the Elders and the area is doing.

    Elder Erickson's mom

  2. Please please please update post...I love reading how the Elders and the area is doing.

    Elder Erickson's mom