Monday, June 8, 2015

Akita Transfer 2 Week 6

It's been another awesome week! 

Today, I officially ended "bean-hood." Being a bean (or "greeny") is the first 2 transfers, or 12 weeks of your missionfield experience. Basically the baby of the mission. But ya, that officially ended today- legitly felt like it was my birthday this morning it was such a feat. Yay

On Tuesday and Wednesday morning, we had a mission wide 24 hour fast. The purpose of it was to pray that God will bless this area of Tohoku (known for it's lack of numerical success) to open the hearts of the people and be more receptive to our message AND to help us as individual missionaries to become more consecrated and "full-purpose" (involved not only with investigators but with all members and projects of the church) missionaries. It was a powerful experience and I grew a lot from it. Our district of 4 broke our fast on Wednesday by riding up a big hill in a park, on empty stomachs, to a nice secluded place surrounded by nature. We all bore testimony, opened our hearts and committed to be the best missionaries we could be. Afterwards, we rode another 4 miles on an empty stomach to an all-you-can-eat meat place called stamina. It's the sweetest place ever- I'll attach a picture.. by the time we left, we weren't feeling very hungry at all and had to ride 5 miles back home in the rain feeling like whales on bikes.

TRANSFER CALL came in on Saturday. I'm leaving Akita unfortunately but heading to a place every missionary here wants to go, a place called Misawa! Small northeast city in Tohoku- an American Air Force base! That means there'll be American food, American people, American stores (something like Wal-Mart!) and a lot of things you can't get anywhere else in Japan! Super sick. I'm so pumped. My new companion is Japanese- his name is Elder Suzuki and heard he's a funny guy and that we'll have a lot of fun together and since he's Japanese, that means my Japanese will "grow in leaps and bounds" according to President Smith. Elder Anderson, my current companion, will stay and end his mission here in Akita. Akita, this past transfer, was made up of 4 elders and 4 sisters. 2 of those sisters just hardly went home due to health concerns, and the other companionship of elders is moving out and not being replaced. So what once was an 8 man area will now be a four man area and a lot more work for those 4 missionaries, ganbarimasho! 

Just got news that the Warriors lost by a smudge in game 2. Sounds like an exciting series. I think the Lord is laughing at me- the year the Warriors explode is the year I head out on my mission.. which means I can't watch them anymore.. Pretty sad but I see the humor.  

This week was also good because Elder Anderson and I worked our butts off and got some solid numbers... We found 2 new investigators. Both young, cool and super nice guys interested in english. So unfortunately, I won't be working with them since I'm moving to Misawa but for the brief time we got to know eachother, i really liked em a lot! My boy Jerry is very close to setting a baptism date; probably the middle of July. Bummed to leave him behind as well, love that guy so much. 

Anyway, hope y'all are doing well and getting ready for your summer vacations! Do your best with your school finals and at work! Love you all.

PS: Happy birthday to my dad this Saturday June 13th! He turns 39 for the 9th time... And happy father's day to him and to my excellent role model grandfathers I have. Love ya!

PPS: Go dubs!

Elder Dallin Robins
Robinzu Chōrō

Stamina: looks kinda gross but trust me when I say its succulent.

The 8 man. Top left to bottom right: Michioka, Mailes, Me, Anderson, Arashiyama, Ishikawa, Davis and Collyer. Collyer and Ishikawa Shimai went home :(

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